How to Ensure you Buy Healthy Trees from a Farm or Nursery

Picking a healthy tree should not be a game of chance. If you follow expert tips from your tree seller, you will end up with the healthy trees you are looking for. Even if you are looking to buy wholesale trees Texas, you should take time examining every plant to ensure you get what you pay for.

Here are some tips to help you make sure you are buying healthy trees from your favorite farm or nursery:

Look for Signs of Good Health

Do not buy plants that look wilted or have off-color foliage. These indicate that they have not been well taken care of or the root system may have an issue. The best trees have good foliage color and full-sized leaves. Ensure the leaves are pliable but firm. Healthy trees have a well-developed leader and a straight trunk. Their branches are well-spaced and evenly distributed on every side of the leader.

If you want to purchase trees in early spring, you can expect the majority of deciduous trees to be dormant. You will know a tree is healthy when the tissue beneath a live branch is green. You can reveal this by scraping the bark of the brand with your fingernail. Also, it is important to check other branches to know the tree’s status. A live branch is flexible for mots plant species while a dead one will snap and break. To check the previous growth of a tree, observe the bud scars on the branches.  The tree is in trouble if there is very little growth between scars.

Check the Root System

A lot of trees are available in containers or balled and burlapped. Do not buy trees that look too large for their container as this may indicate the tree is pot bound. Know that pot-bound trees are unhealthy as they develop circling roots that can eventually girdle or choke the tree when left uncorrected.

You can check for well-rooted plants by grasping the trunk of the tree near the base and moving the tree in the container. When you shake the steam, the plant should not create a hole in the soil. Instead, both the container and tree must move as one. With permission from a nursery employee, you can try to remove a tree in a container properly and examine the root system without harming the tree. Healthy roots tend to be firm and often lighter in color than the surrounding soil.

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