The Best Countries To Buy Silver Jewellery

With the price of gold being so high at the minute, gold jewellery may be too expensive for some people, although you can still get affordable and beautifully exquisite jewellery made from silver. Many countries produce silver around the world, and if you are looking for some silver jewellery, below are some of the best countries to explore purchasing silver jewellery. Whether you are travelling to the country or buying online, there is a lot of choices when it comes to silver.


Thailand is known throughout the world for producing beautiful silver jewellery, handcrafted and in a variety of different designs. You can find 925 sterling silver wholesale with ease when you are in Thailand, and there are some excellent bargains to be had when you buy in bulk. Many skilled artisans in Thailand produce beautiful jewellery, and you can even commission a bespoke piece and buy a custom-made gift for that special person in your life.


India is another destination where you can purchase high-quality jewellery at affordable prices and with a wide variety of choice available. Jewellery is a big industry in India, so there are many choices when it comes to buying silver jewellery, and you will find many unique designs that you will not find anywhere else. Whether you are looking for a simple and beautiful design, or something more elaborate, there is something for all tastes in India.


Another Asian country that is known for the quality silver jewellery that they create is Indonesia. The Indonesian artisans are known for creating intricate designs, but it is vital to source your jewellery from a reputable dealer. If you ignore the details, you may end up buying silver plated jewellery rather than solid silver.


Italy has been known for creating the highest quality jewellery for hundreds of years, and you will also find that the prices here reflect this and are more expensive than other countries. Many skilled jewellery designers are plying their craft here, and as well as being able to get custom-made jewellery, there is also a large market for vintage and antique silver jewellery.

These are some of the best countries to visit for quality silver jewellery, but there are also plenty of jewellery fairs around the world which means you do not have to travel far. Consider attending a jewellery fair that is close to you, and you can source high-quality silver jewellery from skilled artisans, without having to travel half-way around the world. You can also explore more destinations that offer quality jewellery around the world by clicking here.

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