Buying Chocolate Enrobers: Understanding your Options

Chocolate enrobers can coat nearly anything with a solid, uniform chocolate layer. It will save you significant manual labor and turn ordinary snacks into chocolate-covered confections. This guide introduces you to the marketplace for enrobers, giving details on the various sizes, capacities, and prices to help you choose the right chocolate enrober for you:

Kinds and Sizes of Enrobers Available

In general, a chocolate enrober’s body is made from stainless steel to reduce contaminants. Enrobers are available in a wide array of sizes that ranges from industrial-sized machines to smaller ones. An industrial-sized enrober has more than 100″ belts that process thousands of items per hour while the smaller ones have belts as narrow as 6.” Generally, a wider bel indicates higher pieces per hour output. Because there are many sizes to choose from, it is imperative to pick one that suits your production needs.

Often, suppliers of enrobing machines provide a large selection of enrobers, customized for industrial production, large-scale production, medium-scale production, and small-scale production. Other suppliers market their products as better for producing certain kinds of products. For instance, some machines are specialized to enrobe cheese with wax, frozen or chilled products, and for mounds of chocolate.

Moreover, some machines can come with extra customization features. You may have to pay for these extra capabilities. For instance, some machines may have a removable stainless-steel rack for easy cleaning.

Some enrobers have cooling tunnels that enable greater product output and a higher production ceiling. Others are equipped with double curtains to ensure better total coverage. The majority of chocolate enrobers have a single control panel that lets you precisely monitor the quantity of chocolate pumping through the coating pumps. This also allows you to determine the exact speed of the conveyer and monitor the chocolate’s temperature in the tempered.

Because of the diverse options for enrobers on the market, it is important to be aware of your options and prioritize your needs before finding a supplier. Take your specific business requirements into account before you make the purchase.

Pricing for Enrobers

Chocolate enrobers are usually made exactly to the liking of the buyers and some components ca be added or removed. Also, belt widths can be customized. Often, purchasing an all-in-one enrobing line will save you significant money and time. With an entry-level, all-in-one machine, you may have to spend around $15, 000. In general, this machine would not have fancier features like vibrating tables, product toppers, and blowers. Bigger, industrial-sized enrobers can run over $100, 000.

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