Peter Millar Shirts: How to Choose the Perfect One for You

A man’s wardrobe should have well-fitted shirts. A clean and crisp shirt that fits perfectly makes any man feel in control. There are lots of details that go into making a great-fitting shirt. But, purchasing the right shirt takes some thoughts and patience. This buying guide explains what you should know to find the best shirt for you:

Choose the Perfect Fit and Style

Many men in Alabama overlook the fit and only purchase their shirts in small, medium, and large, or extra-large sizes. But, this will lead to getting baggy folds and creases that look tacky. Regardless of your body shape, ensure to purchase a shirt that fits your body closely. In terms of fits, your options include regular, tapered, and slim. And the best style of shirts depends on what you think looks great on you.

Consider the Shirt Collar

Collar styles include cutaway, button-down, forward-point, and spread. But, you must remember the semi-spread collar as it works with both formal and casual attire. This versatile collar style works with each type of suit and tie. Collars that are well-fitted have room for a finger to comfortably fit between your neck and the collar. Peter Millar shirts in Alabama feature different types of collars. And they are the best options if you are looking for versatility and quality.

Pay Attention the Cuff

For a daytime look, chose the classic single cuff in either angled or rounded edge. The French cuff or double cuff is often found on dress shirts and perfect for formal occasions. The cuff’s position is key in figuring out the fit of the sleeves. Ideally, the cuffs must cover the hinged bone of your wrists.

Pick the Right Fabric

Shirt fabrics are available in a variety of weave. Your choice of fabric depends on the style and occasion.

Your fabric options include:

  • Cotton features different properties such as durability, smoothness, moisture absorbance, and iron-friendliness. But, it also comes in different waves that decide its drape and weight. All shirts made of cotton have poplin weaves. Formal shirts use the pique weaving style that showcases a rich woven texture.
  • This type of fabric is ideal in warm weather and has a naturally relaxed appearance. It can absorb moisture without feeling unpleasantly damp.
  • This fabric comes with a light drape and striking luster. But, because of the high maintenance cost and poor long-term durability, it is not a favorable shirting fabric preference.
  • Polyester blends. This fabric features desirable properties such as wrinkle and stain resistance, throwaway cost, and easy maintenance.
  • Textured weaves. These include gabardine, herringbone, twill, houndstooth, and denim. Because they are heavier than regular plain wave fabrics, they are ideal in colder months.

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