Tips for Giving Gifts at a Baby Shower.

When it comes to baby shower etiquette, one of the most common questions is what type of baby shower gifts to give.

Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect present:

-Think about the parents’ lifestyle and needs. For example, consider a stroller or diaper bag if they’re busy urbanites. If they’re into eco-friendly living, give a cloth diaper subscription or natural baby lotion.

-Consider the baby’s age and stage of development. For example, a onesie is perfect for newborns, while a soft toy or rattle is great for older infants.

-Make it personal. If you know the parents, get them something that reflects their interests or personality, like tickets to an art museum or a book about their favorite sports team.

-Think of the parents’ registry, but don’t limit yourself to it! If they’ve registered for lots of items that you know they’ll never use (like three different types of bibs), feel free to get them something else instead. Baby shower gifts don’t have to be from a registry.

-Think about how much you want to spend, and stick with it! Don’t feel obligated to go over your budget just because someone else is spending more on gifts than you or wants you to buy something out of your price range. If the gift isn’t in line with what you can afford, consider getting them a card instead.

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