8 Mistakes You Need To Stop When Giving A Birthday Gift

Gift-giving can be tricky. What should be a thoughtful surprise for somebody you love can often become a moment of awkwardness instead. In this blog post, we’re going to share with you the five mistakes you should avoid when giving somebody a birthday gift.

1) Don’t give somebody clothes they already own.

Let’s be honest. Some people are obsessed with the latest trends in style. But if you give somebody clothes they already own, they might not appreciate it as much. What’s more, you’ll also leave them feeling uncomfortable because they want to tell you something about their old clothes.

2) Over-gifting

Another mistake that people make is to give somebody too much. Too many birthday gifts can often be perceived as a bad thing. While they appreciate the gifts, they might feel guilty about how much time and money you must have spent.

3) Don’t give somebody a used gift.

This one might be controversial, but hear us out. Giving somebody something that has been shown to you by somebody else can often leave them feeling awkward. While this might not carry any absolute social taboo, it can make the person feel like they’re just a relay in a chain of gift sets.

4) Ignoring the registry

The nature of gift-giving is supposed to be thoughtful. But, at the same time, it’s good to do some research about what somebody might like. A registry can be a good starting point for gift shopping, which doesn’t apply to weddings. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday or Christmas, a registry can help you find something your loved one will love.

5) Putting the wrong person on the card.

Obviously, somebody will come to expect a surprise gift if they see their name on the card. However, it can be seen as odd if you give them a  birthday present and don’t know who it’s from. Some people might even take offence to it because they think you’re trying to exclude them from the celebration.

6) Not saying anything.

Naturally, a gift is useless if nobody knows why you gave it to them. Setting aside a few minutes to explain your reasoning behind the birthday present is good etiquette. They will appreciate being congratulated on their birthday, and you can even get an argument out of the way.

7) Choosing materials over experiences

It’s good to get something generic, but choosing just a material item over an experience can leave a person feeling empty. This might be trickier if they have expressed a desire for something specific. But getting them an experience can help the relationship based on that moment in the present, even if the gift box itself fell short.

For instance, you are giving a gift to your niece. She loves animals and is interested in becoming a veterinarian. You decide to go with a stuffed animal, but she may just forget about it. However, you could give her something more valuable, like taking her to a petting zoo and teaching her how to take care of animals.

8) Overdoing the giving.

Above all, don’t overdo it! You’ll just come across as a greedy person when you beat them up with too many gifts. Instead, make sure that everyone has enough to open and enjoy, and you’re good to go!

Picking the right birthday gift for somebody you care about is hard. But it doesn’t have to be overbearing. You can turn a potentially awkward moment into a celebration for all involved by avoiding these common mistakes.

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