How to Select Appropriate Shooting Target?

Selecting your best shooting targets will always be a tricky process. You need to make several choices, starting from the objective of your shooting practice, type of gun, shooting distance, and also the kind of ammunition.

As an example, duck hunters will prefer to use clay “pigeons” that is catapulted into air to practice shooting down any moving target by using a rifle, while any law enforcement officers will prefer to use a silhouette to train him by using his handguns.

Professional target options

All targets are based on the type of arms that you are going to use e.g. center rifles, pistols and shotguns etc. So, you need to select from a range of any durable shooting targets made out of best materials, like Auto Popper which can reset automatically and Dueling Tree having staggered targets.

Following are few professional shooting targets that you can choose base on your purpose.

  • Steel shooting targets

For any long-range practice, shooters may prefer to choose steel targets. Steel targets can offer satisfying “ping” sound, so that shooter will know that they could hit the mark.

Such targets are tough, long-lasting choice also both sides are used, so that life is added to the target. This type of target comes in thickness of 1/2″ or 3/8″. It is available in gong shape having 2 ears, which are loosely chained to target rack. Such mounting will make the target swing when it is hit, and return back to original position.

These targets are used for pistol, rifle and shotgun practice, based on their target thickness, distance and kind of ammo used. As steel targets can cause sparks or any flying metal debris, so you must follow the recommendations of manufacturer.

  • Paper and cardboard shooting targets

Paper targets cannot be reused like steel targets, but they too offer few other benefits. Paper/cardboard targets can be easily taped to any target board, and also they are much cheaper in comparison to metal. Also, they can provide permanent record.

You can get them in many different styles with varying details which make practice much more interesting, and also more useful.

As an example, any paper target illustrated by using specific animal physiology will help hunters to bag more game.

People who are interested to do handgun practice by simulating self-defense scenarios, then for them cardboard/paper silhouette targets available which also comes with the proper official scoring rings, so that it can allow shooters to further improve their skills.

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