Take care of your dog’s well-being with your online vetsend

Sharing your life with a dog is undoubtedly very rewarding. But you shouldn’t think of a dog as a toy that you can put aside when you are no longer interested. You have to meet his needs, give him attention, watch over him, protect him. These are all responsibilities that the owner must fulfill. This is what Vetsend aims to do: to raise awareness and inform (future) owners to take care of their dog.

Why call upon an online animal professional?

In order to have a fulfilling dog, it is essential to know its nature and needs, to be ready to devote a lot of time to it, and to follow the compulsory dog courses if possible. All this often seems difficult for some owners. That’s why you can consult an online veterinarian, to help you create a stimulating and rewarding relationship between you and your dog.

Online vet advice: How to care for your dog’s well-being

From an early age and throughout its life, a dog needs frequent social contact: petting, care, play, regular walks and educational exercises. Indeed, taking care of your dog means giving him the care he needs by looking after his hygiene (body, mouth, teeth, etc.), his health (vaccination according to the protocol defined by the veterinarian, external anti-parasite against flies, mosquitoes, fleas, etc.), and his development (walks, company, as most dogs do not like to be left alone).

It is necessary to understand that dogs need to move in all weather, so dogs should also be allowed to run around off-leash. Sometimes you cannot give your dog the movement it needs. In this case, it is a good idea to have a professional dog walker do the job.

Consider the welfare of your dog

Dogs should not be kept tethered. Although it is advisable to allow them to move freely, if there is no other option, they should be allowed to move freely for at least five hours a day. But during the time they are tethered, they should be kept in an area of at least 20 m2, attached to a comfortable running chain that allows them to move around without discomfort. Vetsend advises you on the quality and comfort of each chain to adopt for each breed of dog.

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