Tips to Store Vintage Postcards

Collecting postcards is a pastime that’s becoming more popular in modern days. There’s something unique about having classic Americana in your hands. When you have antique items, you need to handle them with care. Here are some tips to help you store your vintage postcards.

Reasons to Store Postcards Properly

Putting vintage postcards in attics or other places with bad air quality leads to oxidation. They can diminish the appearance and the worth due to moisture, AV light, acid, and other things causing damage.

Take better precautions to keep your cards well-protected from different elements that can alter the look and feel. Consider how long you want them in your collection to help you preserve their essence to either sell or pass down to your kids. It could be a way for you to leave long-term investment to your family or give to future generations.


One of the advantages of storing your cards in a new album is that you don’t have too much them. It’ll keep the ends from tearing and getting grease marks all over your postcards. Make sure you have quality inserts that keep air out and don’t scratch your items.

Find PVC-free material that won’t release chemicals and cause discoloration over time. Also, you can organize each card according to the topic and time range. The less you take them out of their sheets, the better chance you can prevent a bend or tear.


If you have a small collection of rare cards, picking some ideal frames makes it perfect for displays. You might have a glass case or quality shelves to show your special items. You might want to take a step further and have a professional framer put your cards in an acid-free mat to keep the condition optimal.

Keep your framed work in a spot that doesn’t get direct sunlight to prevent your postcards from fading.


Storage boxes can help you keep sizable collections in one place. Label your boxes according to topicals so you can take inventory. Use PVC-free plastic to hold each postcard and keep oil and acid away to prevent long-term damage to the items.

Where to Buy Postcard Supplies

You can get postcard supplies online or go to your local craft/hobby shop. Speak to someone who handles delicate items to help you find the ideal storage options.

Use different options to help you preserve your mailing cards for years to come.

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