How To Distinguish Between A Fake And Real Seiko Marinemaster

A premium quality brand like Seiko has loyal wearers who cannot wear any other wrist accessory. They find this brand comfortable and classy to suit every occasion. Reputed brands usually face imitation, but genuine buyers want to spend on the real pieces. Be it a seiko marinemaster or any other Seiko watch genre; a smart onlooker must take care of some points to rule out fake copies.

Ways to spot a real or imitated Seiko

A quick check of the following list may help to stay away from duplicate versions.

  • Serial Number- The newly created Seiko watches have a six-digit serial number indicating the manufacturing date. In exceptional cases, this number is seven digits. Limited edition models come with a number format like 00/000.
  • Model Number– Seiko imprints movement number of four digits and the model number with four more digits having an adjoining dash in between. It can be found at the case back in a neat and professional font.
  • Original Logo- It is an ultimate test. A genuine seiko marinemaster or other Seiko watch has the logo engraved on the dial. These logos have a definite shape, size, alignment, and space between the letters in every Seiko watch. Watch out for the slightest variation.

The guarantee certificate and manual in the Seiko watch box are other considerable proofs of authenticity.

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