Four Features you Should Not Miss when Buying a Dishwasher

Having an efficient dishwasher at home can save you significant cleaning hours. But, in terms of the quality and features, dishwashers do vary. Although you can find dishwasher models under $400, you may want to explore other options. When it comes to this kind of appliance, low price often means poor efficiency and a short lifespan. But, you also don’t have to spend $1, 000 on a premium machine. Fortunately, there are many reasonably priced models that work quite well including LDP6797ST

When buying a dishwasher, below are important factors you must look for:

Dishwasher Size

The dishwasher size you need depends on the amount of space available in your kitchen. You are getting a replacement machine or custom building a kitchen and can get any size you want? The 24-inch built-in dishwasher that sits under the countertop is the most common option. Also, you can find18-inch compact built-in models. Portable models and countertop models are space-saving options that can sit on top of the counter or be hidden away in a cupboard.

Dishwasher Capacity

The number of place settings a dishwasher can hold measure its capacity. A one place setting includes a big plate, small bowl, small plate, mug, tea plate, butter knife, fork, and two spoons. To determine the right capacity, consider how many people are there in your household or how much you cook. A big family with many kids and one that tends to get frequent guests will need a dishwasher with at least 11 place settings.

Wash and Dry Cycles

Contemporary dishwashers are available in a whole range of wash and dry cycles. A premium model can have as many as 9 wash cycles to pick from. You may want to ditch the fancy features and choose what you truly need. But, these fancy cycles can be worth the money if you truly need them.


These days, dishwashers integrate more high-tech and connected features to offer greater convenience. Although a lot of newer, high-end models feature wireless connectivity, the way such connectivity is used varies by brands and models.

Connectivity lets you control your dishwasher from your smartphone or by using digital personal assistants. Also, you can check the remaining cycle time and general maintenance information from a remote location. Dishwashers with connectivity features can provide you with feedback about efficiency during and after washing loads. In fact, you can pick cycles and custom options from your smartphones.

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