Why Camping is Growing in Popularity in Australia

While there has always been a large camping community in this huge country of ours, the numbers are on the rise and they are numerous reasons for this surge in popularity. Camping equipment has gone hi-tech, making the adventure a little more comfortable and with the rising cost of living, camping holidays offer a cheap and adventurous experience.

Exploring the Natural Beauty of the Wilderness

Aside from the Outback, there are lots of regions across the country where the scenery takes your breath away and if you have the right vehicle and equipment, there’s nothing to stop you spending a week off the grid. As a species, we have a deep connection with nature and 21st century living can remove the natural element from our lives; this is something that camping provides. No other holiday offers so much and for kids to spend time in natural places is an invaluable thing, which is also healthy.


If you would like a luxurious camping holiday, the motorhome is for you; the latest generation of motorhomes contain everything you could possibly need, and some more.

The average motorhome incorporates the following features:

  • Shower/toilet
  • Air-Conditioning/heating
  • Fitted kitchen with fridge/freezer
  • Bedding
  • Dining area
  • In-vehicle entertainment, MP3, DVD player with FM radio.
  • Solar Panels – Fitted onto the roof, the solar panels charge the lithium-iron batteries that supply you with all the power you need.

A motorhome is a serious investment, but when you consider the cost of traditional holidaying over ten years, the cost of your luxurious motorhome doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Rather than buy a second home, many retirees opt for a motorhome, which gives them all the freedom and independence they could hope for.

Camping Trailers

Another great way to go on a long camping holiday is to pack everything in a trailer and hook it up to your truck. When looking for camper trailers, tent tops and other camping equipment, start with a Google search, which will bring up a list of Australian camping gear suppliers and you can browse the best brands at affordable prices. The trailers are designed with camping in mind and the amount of stuff you can take is nothing short of impressive, ensuring that you have everything you need.

Rising Cost of Living

The cost of living is always rising and when you consider a family of four staying at a resort for 2 weeks and compare that with a camping holiday, camping wins hands down. With your accommodation and your vehicle covered, you can really splash out on food and drink and other holiday expenses.

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